PinkPantheress Joins Paramore to Perform 'Misery Business'

PinkPantheress Joins Paramore to Perform 'Misery Business'

If you wanted some Austin City Limits FOMO, Paramore brought out PinkPantheress to sing "Misery Business."

The iconic collaboration is the cutest thing you'll see today. PinkPantheress, decked out in her adorable Y2K fit, joins Hayley Williams onstage and completely turns into a giddy teenage girl (as we all would in the presence of pop-punk royalty).

PinkPantheress, who will never miss an opportunity to bring her little shoulder bag with her, brought out a pair of sandals to put on as she shook and cried while Williams comforted her. She then got down to business and instructed her to count to four. "Those people out there," Williams said as she pointed at the crowd, "they are yours." The crowd screamed and PinkPantheress looked on with tears in her eyes.

We'll admit that we got teary-eyed as well when PinkPantheress told Williams "I'm doing music because of you."

As expected, PinkPantheress knows the deal with how Paramore shows work and brought her all to deliver the iconic breakdown in "Misery Business" which always ends in whoever Williams brings on stage headbanging and dancing.


The collab we didn’t know we needed. @Paramore @#paramore #hayley #hayleywilliams #pinkpantheress #acl #aclfest #DidYouYawn

We even got some adorable snaps of PinkPantheress freaking out as she left the stage, shared by Paramore themselves.

As Paramore gears up for the release of their forthcoming album This Is Why, they've embarked on a tour that includes festival appearances. They've also brought out the iconic song from retirement, playing "Misery Business" for the first time in several years earlier this month. They previously retired the revenge anthem due to the misogynistic lyrics such as "Once a whore, you're nothing more/ I'm sorry, that'll never change."

Do you think Paramore will let PAPER on stage to perform the song at When We Were Young in Las Vegas? Stay tuned to find out.

Photo courtesy of C Flanigan/Getty


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Photography by Andy Martinez / Story by Ivan Guzman