Our Favorite Street Style From New York Men's Fashion Week

Our Favorite Street Style From New York Men's Fashion Week

Men's Fashion Week came and went! It's a very special time of year in New York, when the genetically-blessed males of the species hit the streets en masse to flaunt their cheekbones, scowl handsomely, and test out whether or not their most outlandish hairstyles and accessories are "a thing." We braved the cold and snow to document these magnificent creatures in the wild, and divine the trends that the menswear vanguard will be rocking in 2017. We're seeing lots of faux fur, lots of real fur, western hats, head-to-toe monochrome looks, John Hughes movie realness, and in one instance, fishnet stockings.

Check out our favorite snaps from our street style safari below...

When you have to go to Fashion Week but you're fighting a space war later

Ally Sheedy in The Breakfast Club (1985)

"This is not a phase, mom" but make it fashion

Big mood

Mine eyes have seen the glory

These tassels are life-affirming

Statement hats! Plus, the one glove with the gold watch is a stroke of genius.

Raise your hand if you kind of want a bondage-inspired wool turtleneck...

This is giving us the Karate Kid vibe that we crave. Also... ok fishnets! We see you!

Oh my stars and garters and hoodies and hair texture. Well maybe not garters but we can't know for sure.

... is that Salt Bae?

Sherbet hair and leopard print

We're ready to enlist

Don't let the fantastic furry hat steal focus from the true star of this outfit: the quilted makeshift balaclava

The Wiggles take Manhattan

We're not worthy

Writing on your hoodie in wite-out is a must

That look when you know you're wearing the hell out of your pink cherry overalls in the dead of winter

Never not here for a crimper

Please rule our galaxy

We agree with this jean jacket

Shearling shearling shearling

Take us to your stargate

Sincerely hoping these two are in a band together

Acid wash and fur lifestyle

Raf Simons by way of L.L. Bean

That ascot confidence

Glorious monochrome

The John Hughes looks continue with this modern day Duckie scenario

All black and a good scowl never goes out of style

An argument for gauges

The chain under the turtleneck is thought-provoking and HE KNOWS IT

Brand synergy

Fox sometimes, hydration always

Lots of concepts at play here