On June 23rd, Warner Bros. Records will release a reissue of Prince's excellent magnum opus Purple Rain. Along with remastered versions of the hit 1984 songs, this Purple Rain reissue will also feature ten new songs that have never been released. Two weeks ago, we were treated to funky new track "Electric Intercourse." Today, we are being blessed with the second new song from the album: "Our Destiny / Roadhouse Garden." Just in time for the weekend.

Though they play together as one seamless track, in truth, "Our Destiny" and "Roadhouse Garden" are two separate songs. "Our Destiny," with its sweeping triumphant sound, is sung by Prince's backing band member Lisa Coleman, while "Roadhouse Garden" centers Prince's magnetic voice repeating "It's alright" over a simple drumbeat. The tracks were spliced together for this record as an homage to the fact that the prolific musician frequently combined the two songs during live performances.

And it's Prince, so of course it works. Listen to the one-two punch below.

Splash photo via David X Prutting/BFA.com

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