Ou Non Is the Fashion Equivalent of a Hot Wet Italian Summer

Ou Non Is the Fashion Equivalent of a Hot Wet Italian Summer

Ou Non is the brand every millennial women should own. Why? Well, it's all in the name: "Ou Non." It doesn't take a native Parisienne to know those two small words translate to "or no," and a polite "or no," in whichever language, is a phrase each woman needs to have in their arsenal.

This is precisely the approach the Italian-Dutch label takes. The name also stands for Ottavia and Nicola, its founders, who emphasize that women should be able to simultaneously project femininity and still be taken seriously. That's likely why in all Ou Non's Lolita-meets-a-cowgirl-abroad-for-an-Italian romance whimsy, they include a few more traditionally masc styles like a hoodie (still cherry-printed, however). Each design is undeniably seductive in it's own right, all of which would fit right in adorning carefree partygoers in Call Me By Your Name.

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The duo explains that with their Spring '18 collection, "Stealing Beauty," they aimed to first and foremost emphasize this female freedom, as well project "unconscious sensuality." "[The collection signifies] a sort of intellectual independence where a woman can feel free to be who she is without the risk of being misunderstood, the designers tell PAPER. "The dresses emphasize this kind of human softness, hugging the body not to show only her own shape but also for the Ou Non woman to claim herself as an autonomous human being."

The brand's famous prints, cherries and roses, are employed to celebrate "two of summer's main characters." There's also a healthy dose of the forever-on-trend gingham, and don't forget princess sleeves and tassels to demonstrate "to demonstrate is the necessity of fun and being free." Dive into the collection, below, and start planning your rose-adorned looks for warmer days.

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Photos courtesy of Ou Non


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Story by Juan Marti / Photography by Pablo Mas / Styling by Jon Mikel del Valle