Olivia Jade Called Out for Saying She's an 'Influencer' on 'DWTS'

Olivia Jade Called Out for Saying She's an 'Influencer' on 'DWTS'

No one was buying Olivia Jade Giannulli's revised resume on Dancing With the Stars.

Last night, Lori Loughlin and Mossimo Giannulli's oldest daughter made her televised debut during the 30th season premiere of Dancing With the Stars. However, the spotlight wasn't exactly on her moves. Rather, it was her taped intro that ended up catching Twitter's attention — and not in a good way.

In the clip, Olivia Jade stated that she was "probably best known for being an influencer," which led to a fair amount of eye-rolling amongst DWTS fans. After all, she's arguably best known for being one of the most visible beneficiaries of the college admissions scandal after both her parents paid $500,000 to get the 21-year-old and her sister, Isabella, into USC as crew recruits. As a result, both of her parents served jail time and Olivia Jade continued to maintain that she was the "victim" in this situation.

Granted, while she also admitted in the intro that she was "wrapped up" in the scandal, a large portion of viewers were less than impressed with her statement about wanting to use DWTS to demonstrate her "work ethic," with many taking to social media to express their incredulity.

"OLIVIA JADE CALLED HERSELF AN INFLUENCER ON #DWTS BUT LIKE IS THAT REALLY WHY YOUR [sic] DANCING?," as one person wrote, while a second quipped, "Olivia Jade said she's best known for being an influencer…….. BESTIE PLSSSSSSSSSS. You mean a D1 rower? #DWTS."

"Olivia Jade on #DWTS: 'I think I'm best known for being an influencer,'" another commenter wrote, before adding, "Nah, we all know what you're best known for and it's not that."

Olivia Jade has yet to respond to the criticism. In the meantime, you can watch her performance, below.

Photo via Getty / Kevin Mazur