Nina Kraviz and Ray-Ban Reinvent Cat-Eye Shades

Nina Kraviz and Ray-Ban Reinvent Cat-Eye Shades

Siberian-born auteur, Nina Kraviz, has earned a reputation as a DJ's DJ. Effortlessly gliding between genres and venues, as she plays sold-out festivals, warehouses, and clubs around the globe. A versatile performer, Kraviz previously juggled getting a doctorate in dentistry with holding down a regular club night in Moscow. Working as a radio host and a music journalist, Kraviz has earned her the distinction of being one of the busiest and hardest working women in dance music.

Kraviz's artistic point of view and unique form of self-expression is what lead legendary sunglasses brand, Ray-Ban, to tap her to design the second collection in their "Feel Your Beat" campaign. Through Ray-Ban Studios, the campaign aims to work with musicians to bring their creativity and individuality to a limited run capsule.

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​ For her collection, Kraviz puts a modern twist on a classic cat-eye silhouette with a speckled blue and yellow frames contrasted with striking orange and green accents. With gradient colored lens, the sunglasses easily make the transition from a day to night look, and for a globe-trotting DJ the day-to-night-to-day-again flexibility is crucial when your playing open-to-close. Ray-Ban was so impressed that they even decided to rename the style "Nina" in her honor. "When I realized that the cat-eye shape sunglasses would return with my name on it, it made me very proud," said Kraviz.

PAPER caught up with Kraviz to learn more about her inspirations and how sunglasses factor into her daily life:

Do you incorporate sunglasses into your look as a complementing accessory or build an outfit around sunglasses?

I wear sunglasses whenever weather is good and all shiny. It really helps in the morning after I go out of my studio or when I had a few intense shows in a row and feeling little tired.

Do you wear sunglasses when performing and do you think they create a certain persona?

I usually perform without sunglasses unless it's a day time event in August. A good pair of sunglasses makes a big difference for sure. Try putting them on when you are naked and see what happens.

Who are your biggest music and style inspirations?

Viktor, Janis, Robert, Richard, both Jimmies, Grace and James.

Ray-Ban Studios celebrates the pursuit of individuality, why do you think that is important message that you wanted to be a part of?

I always wanted to make my own sunglasses away from any fashion trends. Ray-Ban is a legendary, timeless brand that doesn't make you anything more than you actually are but rather seamlessly integrates into your own presence. To my absolute delight they kindly brought back the classic cat-eye frame into production upon my request. From now on all freshly renewed cat -eye frames will be called "Nina" which is absolutely amazing and is a big honor.

What was your journey breaking into the music industry like?

Now looking at it from a distance, it feels like it's the music industry that's actually broken into my quiet dentist life. I've been a music lover since childhood, doing loads of different jobs from a radio presenter and a music journalist to a front singer in a band and an actual dentist. I have been developing my artistic universe ever since I can remember, quite intensely and with not much limitation

Photo Courtesy of Ray-Ban

Photo Courtesy of Ray-Ban


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