Nicki Minaj is on Snapchat

Nicki Minaj is on Snapchat

There has been a lot of talk regarding the demise of Snapchat, which has of late been fighting tooth-and-nail to stay relevant in our new Insta-story reality, but it seems that Nicki Minaj has plans to revive the photo-sharing app. That's right, 34 year-old Nicki Minaj has joined Snapchat.

Making the announcement via Instagram and Twitter, Nicki Minaj asked her fans for help navigating uncharted waters.

"Yo can y'all teach me how to use this? 😨 wtf I wanna show y'all how a bad btch posts her first snap but 🙁😏🙃," the rapper captioned her account photo — note she is yet to replace the ghost with a picture of herself.

What does this mean, you ask? I'll tell you. Nicki on Snapchat means more unmediated Minaj.

More of this.

A whole lot more.

Just don't call her though, okay?

[h/t People]
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