This Is What Nick Jonas Smells Like

This Is What Nick Jonas Smells Like

If you've been under a rock and didn't know it, the Jonas Brothers are back and they're feeling real cool. Following their lead single, "Sucker," the Jo Bros dropped another playful video for their latest single, aptly titled, "Cool."

The trio hit the Miami streets with extra panache, dancing alongside lines of women and even turning up with the elderly like the Wholesome Kings that they are.

All that suave engagement would be nothing without the video's defining moment when Nick Jonas twirls slickly into a flawless moment of product placement for one of his sexy scents. Snatching a bottle of his fragrance in collaboration with John Varvatos, the newlywed stud spritzes several pumps of the Jonas juice all over — pulse points be damned.

The aquatic, citrusy scent, JVxNJ clearly smells like fresh success and summer suits. Get into the pearlized blue bottle jumping into the frame from a disembodied hand for convenience.

If light and clean isn't your thing, he has a red edition too. The sexier version of the "Cool" scent has notes of Cuban rum (yum) leather, (sexy) and vetiver (ooh!) Possessed with the scent, Nick croons the mid-tempo bop with his brothers and engages all your senses.

If you can't imagine the feeling, just refer to the song's lyrics: "I'm feeling so cool/ From top to the bottom, just cool/ Every little thing that I do/ Well, dammit, I'm feelin' so cool, yeah."

Nick Jonas, the enduring pop babe that can make you feel really cool and really hot.

Sniff out both fragrances at Nordstrom ($94 for 4.2oz), and stream Jonas Brothers' "Cool," below.

Photo via YouTube