NEWTHINGS Combines Military Style with Tie-Dye Philosophy

NEWTHINGS Combines Military Style with Tie-Dye Philosophy

New York City-based art collective and creative agency NEWTHINGS is the collaborative brainchild of designers Edwin Bolta and Ricardo Reyes looking to bridge the gap between high-concept art and practical fashion.

Their new capsule collection, titled "EXPLODE," draws inspiration from protest movements in the '60s and '70s, the 1992 LA Riots, Katsuhiro Otomo's genre-defining manga Akira, and postmodern literary landmark Infinite Jest. "Our future is a mutated version of our past thoughts, unwelcome situations and accomplishments," Bolta says. "This double-edge sword of wisdom will lead us forward as much as it will push us back. That being said, we are ultimately a satire of ourselves and the clothes we wear are as much a uniform as they are a Halloween costume."

Marrying materials like mass-produced military-grade nylon with the careful craftsmanship of hand-dyed organic cotton, the collection juxtaposes opposing methods of textile production with all garments being made to order in an effort to reduce waste.

The EXPLODE capsule collection launches on July 13th on their website. Scope out the lookbook, below:

Photos Courtesy of NEWTHINGS

Model: Andy An