Mood Killer Is Elf Space Jesus in 'Go Hard'

Mood Killer Is Elf Space Jesus in 'Go Hard'

What do an elven space jesus, demonic alien dictator, screaming viking, a one-eyed dunce, a blood-thirsty butcher and a self-operating surgeon all have in common? They all go hard, of course.

From the twisted mind of queer pop Pennywise and Dorian Electra affiliate, Mood Killer, comes the brand new music video for Liquify cut "Go Hard" — and it's anything but soft. Their most insane visual to date by far, Mood Killer's latest sees them inhabiting all of the aforementioned characters and more as they careen across the galaxy, getting crucified on a cross made of guitars, shooting lighting from their eyes and cutting their own organs along the way.

It's the exact type of over-the-top chaos that we've come to expect from the Mood Killer brand, disembodied heads and all, brought up to a new level of insanity. Flashing from one scene to another and yet another, the video escalates in intensity alongside the energetic ups and downs of the song. A sonic roller-coaster that flies through electro, heavy metal and hardcore, Mood Killer follows through on their every impulse with "Go Hard" to stellar results.

Are they a mad genius? Possibly. Are they rAnDoM? Definitely. Do they go hard? Absolutely.

Watch the official music video for Mood Killer's "Go Hard," below, and listen to their debut EP, Liquify, wherever fine audio files are streamed.

Photography: Lance Williams