Lettuce Heads Are Spring's Must-Have Accessory
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Lettuce Heads Are Spring's Must-Have Accessory

by Chris Thomas

Granny Goes to the Market

If you've ever felt that the tight lanes of your local farmer's market were your runway, Molly Goddard is the girl for you. Rihanna's favorite maximalist designer found inspiration for her spring 2019 collection in the glamorous grannies that roam the markets in search of the perfect gourd. The expertly crafted set (designed by her mother Sarah Edwards) employed empty vegetable crates and ramshackle market stalls that left us aching for fresh vegetables and a Molly Goddard Flea Market.

Lettuce Heads

We thought a farmers market set couldn't get any more high fashion, but then the lettuce appeared. As some models clutched lime green and ruby red bags, heads of lettuce became the new must-have accessory. Three different women carried heads of lettuce as if they were the hottest new handbag. Whether the trend catches on or not is irrelevant. All we know is we're suddenly craving a Sweetgreen salad.

Frilled to the Brim

It's no secret that Goddard's design ethos is wonderfully maximalist — one look at Rihanna's custom-made blue Rio dress will show you that. For her latest collection, she expertly condensed swaths of cotton into explosions of frill, ruffled up trousers and skirts, debuted a sheer tulle housecoat to die for.

Flower Power and Cheeky Checks

Goddard's art deco florals were a joyful triumph even Miranda Priestly would crack a smile at. Befitting the warm embrace of summer farmer's market glamour, the designer unveiled flower prints in shades of burnt orange, lilac, and ivory alongside a swath of turquoise gingham garments. Among the most intricate of all the clothes was a stunning floral black dress that zigged and zagged with the a soft sway of ruffles.

Little Edie

Goddard's market became home to a few model muses who've made a habit of walking her collections. After opening the show with Edie Campbell draped in a gorgeous gingham dress, Adwoa Aboah and Georgia Fowler both made appearances in the show. But why stop at just one catwalk look? It didn't take long before Campbell, Aboah, and Fowler reemerged in second looks to cement their status as Goddard girls.

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