'Fly High' With Miss Blanks' Ballroom Banger

'Fly High' With Miss Blanks' Ballroom Banger

Miss Blanks promises that her new single, "Fly High," is the "ultimate party starter," written for our collective return to clubs as people around the world "step into what is our new 'COVID normal.'" The glamorous track, produced by Oh Boy, delivers on the Brisbane rapper's intentions, packed with an expensive-sounding ballroom beat and sultry one-liners.

Premiering today on PAPER, "Fly High" is Blanks' first solo release since 2019's "Tommy," all about fashion giant Tommy Hilfiger, and before that, a tour in support of Charli XCX throughout her native Australia where she hopped on Pop 2's "I Got It." She's been on our radar since her Diary of a Thotaholic EP in 2017 and it looks as though 2021 will only continue her rise.

"The track, for me, is a fun, feel good, sexy track," Blanks says of her latest drop. "It exudes confidence. I wanted to have fun on the track and the club-ready, house production was the perfect vibe for me to play with. With COVID, it's been a minute since I've got to get into the club (like many around the world) and let loose with full confidence."

Blanks filmed the "Fly High" music video at a hidden villa in the Hinterlands of Byron Bay. "It was lush, luxe and vibrant," she says, adding that her Mitch Noakes-directed clip features Australia's "premier vogue house," House of Silky. "One of the best parts was being able to produce and direct the music video, and bring my vision to life. It's been two years since I've released anything and I feel 'Fly High' is a strong return."

The visual opens with Blanks getting ghosted by a guy named Tony, before taking back control and flirting with the camera in front of her two backup dancers: House of Silky's Xander Khoury and Akashi Fisiinaua. Blanks' looks are as sexy as the song itself (with a whispery spoken hook), all styled by Ntombi Moyo. (We need to talk about that iconic fringed hat towards the end.)

Get into Miss Blanks' comeback with "Fly High," below, and keep a close eye on her this year.

Photo courtesy of Miss Blanks