Mischa Barton Says She Was Told to Sleep With Leonardo DiCaprio at 19

Mischa Barton Says She Was Told to Sleep With Leonardo DiCaprio at 19

Mischa Barton said she was told to "sleep" with Leonardo DiCaprio when she was 19.

According to BuzzFeed News, the now 37-year-old actress made the claim in a recently resurfaced interview from 2005 with Harper's Bazaar UK, where she recalled her publicist, Craig Schneider, making the disturbing comment after they saw the 46-year-old Titanic star — who would've been around 30 at the time — during a photo shoot in Malibu.

“'For the sake of your career, go and sleep with that man,'” Schneider reportedly said, per Barton. Granted, she apparently responded to his so-called "suggestion" by saying, “'Isn’t Leo, like, 30 or something?'”

The report comes shortly after DiCaprio was spotted sitting at a Grammys event next to a 19-year-old model named Eden Polani, which reignited the conversation surrounding his penchant for much younger women.

As infamously documented in a 2019 graph made by Reddit user TrustLittleBrother, the Oscar winner apparent "refuses" to date any woman over the age of 25. DiCaprio's romantic relationship have been a source of controversy for years, though it came to a head last August after he broke up with his girlfriend of over four years, Camila Morrone, who had recently turned 25.

As for Polani though, a source close to DiCaprio told TMZ that they aren't involved, as the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood star is supposedly single. Instead, they claimed the two just happened to be sitting next to each other when the photograph was taken. But even so, it's still a little suspect, given that he was previously reported to be "pursuing" 27-year-old supermodel Gigi Hadid. Most recently though, he was spotted on New Year's Eve with 23-year-old model Victoria Lamas.

Neither Barton nor DiCaprio have responded to the report. You can read BuzzFeed News' entire story on Barton's claim here.

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