Miguel and Travis Scott Are Ready to (Stylishly) Celebrate in 'Sky Walker' Video

Miguel and Travis Scott Are Ready to (Stylishly) Celebrate in 'Sky Walker' Video

It's been two full years since Miguel blessed us with the warped R&Btronica of Wildheart and by the looks of things, he's finally ready to sneak his adorable face back into our lives. Today, he dropped his latest single, a surprisingly happy little number called "Sky Walker" featuring none other than Travis Scott.

The single was dropped in full video form, and the oddly perky song significantly benefits from the celebratory visual it soundtracks. As Miguel parties in a sprawling modern mansion with gorgeous women and plenty of tequila (Jose Cuervo, because I guess they were on a budget), he sings about being in a great place. He's "nonchalant, got the green on rotation all night," and ready to "celebrate every day like a birthday." Of course, "good things come to those that wait up," so it's important that you "don't sleep, you've gotta stay up." What could be somewhat corny on any other day sounds uplifting and endearing when delivered in Miguel's sensual vocals and sound even masterful when you can see him singing it (most of the time shirtless).

The whole thing is quintessential end-of-the-summer BBQ vibes. Perfect for the August blues.

Get in your feel-good summer mood with the adorable visual below.

Splash photo via YouTube