Meet Mallrat, Australia's New Countryside Queen

Meet Mallrat, Australia's New Countryside Queen

If you've been sleeping on Brisbane's latest export, Mallrat, now is the time to wake up. The recent high school graduate is both manic-pixie and bonafide badass, taking the Australasian pop scene by storm one cherry-flavored folky-funk tune at a time.

Her new video for "Better," the vegan feminist (frankly a beacon for Gen Y) embraces the Australian farmland and her long-time obsession with animals. Donning a range of paisley and gingham Antebellum-esque looks (including some cult Australian brand I.AM.GIA additions), Mallrat looks every inch of the idyllic country queen as she rides ponies and skips through meadows.

"I really love horses and this video was the perfect excuse to spend a couple of days hanging out with them." Mallrat says of her visual. "I wrote 'Better' over a year ago, but it's taken most of this time to get it sounding exactly how it does in my head. My dad says it's his favorite song which makes me very excited to share it with everyone."

Watch the PAPER premiere, below, and get onto Mallrat before your friends.

Image via Natalie Jergens