Maeve's First Love Song Is Here With 'Anybody Else'

Maeve's First Love Song Is Here With 'Anybody Else'

Cayman-born, London-based singer-songwriter Maeve drops her latest single "Anybody Else" today. The track is accompanied by a tropical self-directed video, shot in the artist's hometown in the Cayman Islands with a clunky eBay camera.

"Anybody Else" marks the artist's first-ever love song, calling upon her producer and artist boyfriend to create the luxurious, dreamy sonics through nostalgic synths and '80s ballad guitar riffs. Maeve tells us, "I thought it was powerful and vulnerable at the same time," adding, "and I wanted it to be a song you drive fast to at night with the people you love in the backseat.”

The love-sick single is accompanied by a DIY video filmed in Maeve’s birthplace. “I shot the whole thing with a 20-pound vintage digital camera that I bought on eBay. I wanted it to have an intimate, nostalgic feel to match the sonics, with Helmut Newton-esque styling,” the artist adds.

Check out PAPER's premiere of "Anybody Else" below.

Photos courtesy of Maeve