Machine Gun Kelly Says He's Still a Rapper

Machine Gun Kelly Says He's Still a Rapper

Machine Gun Kelly is pushing back against the narrative surrounding his perceived musical pivot.

In case you don't remember, the 32-year-old musician initially rose to stardom as a rapper signed to Diddy's Bad Boy Records, where he generated the number one hit single "Wild Boy" and even started some beef with fellow white rappers, Eminem and G-Eazy. But while he later ended up returning to his rock n' roll roots in 2020 with the release of his pop punk album Tickets to My Downfalland 2022's Mainstream Sellout, MGK is now making it clear that he's still a rapper, and that anyone who thinks otherwise can go fuck themselves.

While promoting his new film Taurusat the SCAD Savannah Film Festival, the "emo girl" singer spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about the misconception that he no longer raps, pointing towards his #LockdownSessions YouTube videos, where he "picked up my cell phone and put this thing on and wrote my ass off and rapped my ass off weekly."

"I’m talented as fuck and I added on to my catalog of four great rap albums. So what I did was I added on, never departed, left or switched. Because in the same year I was the most viewed YouTube video putter-outer with all rap," MGK said, while claiming the series "gained more views than almost any of my other videos."

"I was rapping. And then later on we dropped a number one album that was a pop punk album. So when they say 'departed' or when they say, 'Oh, man, you switched.' Motherfucker, are you dumb?!," he continued, explaining that he was tired of the media discrediting his rap career.

"That’s literally telling you two plus two doesn’t equal four. It’s on paper, it’s black and white, it’s right there in front of you," MGK continued, before going on to say that he “stopped doing interviews because I’m so sick of being asked questions that don’t make me think or that don’t make me feel."

"I’ve just sat there and heard this, ‘Oh, he departed, oh, he switched, oh, he’ — Do you know how long?," he said. "How much that kills me every day? That if I died tomorrow, I know every single person would be like, ‘Legend, dude, this motherfucker did this and did this.’"

MGK added, "And while I’m alive my flowers can’t be brought to me."

Read his entire interview with The Hollywood Reporterhere.

Photo via Shutterstock / Milan Risky