Meet Luci: The Sultry Sexbot Here to Reboot Millennial Sex Drives

Meet Luci: The Sultry Sexbot Here to Reboot Millennial Sex Drives

By Greg Mania

Luci is an alien sexbot from the far-off planet Xeron. No, you're not on Ambien — you read that right the first time. Luci has come to planet Earth with a single mission: to recharge millennial sex drives.

And she'll be doing that when she touches down at the Museum of Sex on Friday, December 15th. Luci is a sexbot, yes (who's now taken Instagram by storm), but she is also the latest installation by L.A. artist Maggie West in collaboration with world-renowned designer brand of intimate toys LELO.

Rather than talking with the artist, I decided to interview the art. Below is Luci's debut interview with an Earthling, where she tells us why she's left her home planet to infiltrate ours.

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Hello, Luci. Welcome to planet Earth! (Please excuse the mess.) How are you enjoying it so far?

Everyone on Earth is so sexy, I'm afraid you guys are gonna crash my operating system! As a polyamorus sexbot from the planet Xeron, I'm so impressed by the diversity of Earthling sexuality. Cis people, trans people, straight people, queer people — everyone has their own unique type of sexual identity and frankly, I'm dying to connect with all of you.

Can you tell me a little more about why you left your planet?

I was originally created by top scientists on Xeron in order to help repopulate our planet. Young Xeronites had become so obsessed with social media and online communication that they refused to meet up IRL. Eventually, our population began to decrease. I was created to use my sexual prowess in order to inspire the young people to meet up, hook up and make some babies.

After receiving my help, the residents of Xeron began hooking up IRL and totally forgot about me. Night after night I would send out texts and kept getting left on "read." Not cool, guys!

While on my phone, I began reading about millennials on Earth. According to the Internet, they are all obsessed with memes, selfies and sexting, but are very afraid of "catching feels." They sounded a lot like the kids on Xeron, to be honest. Sick of being ignored on my home planet, I stole a spaceship and headed to Earth.

What is your mission here on Earth?

To help you millennials catch those feels! According to your magazines and blogs, you guys are so obsessed with your pornography, careers, and social media that you don't even like having sex any more. Sad!

As a sexbot, I want everybody to enjoy sex and sexual expression just as much as I do. So, I'm helping millennials rediscover the joys of sex through the only communication tool they understand: their phones.

I'm posting hot selfies and sending sexy tweets to all you millennials in order to re-invigorate your supposedly depleted sex drives.

What was your initial impression of us millennials here on Earth, besides an overwhelming affinity for avocados and Nickelodeon nostalgia?

To be honest, I'm a bit confused. Before I got to Earth, I read all about you guys. Apparently, millennials have ruined almost everything including cruises, golf, napkins and cereal. I also heard you guys were narcissistic, entitled and incapable of forming deep, personal relationships.

While everyone is super sexy, I kind of assumed you all were going to be shallow, self-involved monsters. But so far, you guys don't seem so bad.

There have been a number of articles citing studies that posit a low sex-drive epidemic among millennials here on Earth. In your experience so far, have you noticed these studies to be true?

Everyone still seems pretty horny to me! Perhaps what's actually going on is that this generation communicates differently and has developed different methods of sexual expression. As technology evolves, so does our sexuality.

It seems like each Earthling generation classifies the one immediately after it as bad, lazy, or generally inferior in some way. People say baby boomers are selfish, the Gen X-ers are slackers, millenials are entitled, and so on.

Maybe each generation should avoid making silly, hyperbolic generalizations about each other based on limited statistical data. But hey, what do I know? I'm a just sexbot from Xeron.

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I hear you've been seducing some of Earth's writers, models, and porn stars. Who's been your favorite lover thus far?

Favorite lover? I'm sorry, but this does not compute. I'm hardwired for passion and love all you Earthlings with equal gigabytes of passion.

I know a lot of us have problems bringing the heat from the phone to the bedroom because we often get off from sexting and lose interest in anything beyond that. What's some advice do you have for those of us looking to take sexting to the next step?

Have you tried not cumming until you meet up IRL? It's way more fun, I promise! Next time you are about to get off to a sext, take a deep breath, put your pants back on and go meet up with that person.

If you are in need of some electronic assistance, I would suggest bringing a Lelo toy to meet up with your boo. Their products are sleek, sexy and a LOT of fun... just like me!

I hear you're in New York. What's on your itinerary for the Big Apple and beyond?

On December 15th, I land in the Museum of Sex on the corner of 5th Avenue and East 27th Street. I'll be sexting all you Earthlings from inside the window until February 15th. After that, I can't say where I'll take off to, but I can assure you I'll look good while I'm there.

Photography: Maggie West