Madonna Stans: Do Not Follow Lourdes Leon on Instagram

Madonna Stans: Do Not Follow Lourdes Leon on Instagram

It's rare, these days, for the beautiful child of a Gen X celebrity to eschew the public eye. As the likes of Kaia Gerber and Cazzie David are well aware, having an iconic aging parent = a shortcut to getting verified, booked and busy. But despite quietly racking up fashion credits over the years, Madonna's 24-year-old daughter Lourdes Leon has mostly remained pretty elusive... until now.

As of today, Leon has gone public on Instagram, blue check and everything. With a twist: she is not down to mingle with her mom's rabid gay stans in the comments section. Simply isn't having it! No Madge references allowed.

Only two posts deep, Leon is already engaging with followers, mainly by rejecting any and all Madonna-related inquiries and frequently requesting that anyone who has them go suck a big one:

Lourdes Leon punched me in the face! It was awesome. Etc.

So what does Leon want to talk about, if not the most underrated tracks of 2019's Madame X? So far, just her two most recent brand campaigns: with Stella McCartney x Adidas, and Juicy Couture x Parade Underwear. That's right, she's a Parade girl! Truly the Glossier of 2021.

Also of note: Leon's profile picture is a fiesty screenshot of Drag Race judge Michelle Visage. Who, in a confusing twist, is a huge fan of talking about all things Madonna.

Perhaps Leon knew instinctively that she could never rival her mom's famously complex and challenging Instagram presence, and thus decided to go her own way. Very wise. We hit follow!

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