Louisahhh's 'Numb,Undone' Is the Techno Anthem For Our Dystopian Hell

Louisahhh's 'Numb,Undone' Is the Techno Anthem For Our Dystopian Hell

Between the pandemic and our current political upheaval, it'd be fair to say that we're living in a dystopian hell. So given the way this past year's played out, if there ever was a time for Louisahhh's dystopian anthem "Numb, Undone," it'd most definitely be now.

Taken from the New York-born, Paris-based artist's forthcoming debut LP The Practice of Freedom, "Numb, Undone" is a punishing track that blends militant industrial techno with a glitch-filled electro-indebted sound. And combined with her torrential screams that feel well-suited for the apocalypse, the overall effect is as brutal and brazen as it is exceedingly raw.

"This is definitely the harder edge of the album, I think it's got the most 'non musical' sounds of any music I've ever made," as Louisahhh herself explained. "I lost my voice a bit when recording it and it is kind of who I want to be: The ferocious tornado that this song sounds like."

So if you ever wondered what the end of the world would sound like, you can scream along to the official visualizer for "Numb, Undone," below.

Photography: Ella Herme / Courtesy of Louisahhh