Louis Vuitton's Models Wore Belts Around Their Bare Waists

Louis Vuitton's Models Wore Belts Around Their Bare Waists

Lots of cool things happened at Louis Vuitton's Cruise show on Thursday night. The Instagram-friendly venue! (The Salk Institute for Biological Studies in San Diego.) The monogram skateboards! (With its own shoulder strap and everything.) Grimes DJing the afterparty!

And lots of celebs were there, obviously, including the entire Apatow family, Gemma Chan sitting next to Anna Wintour and Emma Roberts reuniting with Scream Queens co-star Billie Lourd. (MIA were Louis Vuitton ambassadors Emma Chamberlain, Emma Stone and Jennifer Connelly.)

However, the most viral moment to come out of the show wasn't the stars front row, but the models on the runway — particularly the ones wearing leather belts wrapped around their bare waists. The peculiar styling choice caught the attention of everyone from Diet Prada to Every Outfit on Sex and the City, who compared the looks to Carrie Bradshaw.

Bradshaw's version, from a 1998 episode of the hit HBO series, was the work of stylist extraordinaire Pat Field, who paired the look with a wispy skirt and tied-up shirt. The Louis Vuitton looks, all styled by Nicolas Ghesquiére's longtime collaborator Marie-Amélie Sauvé, have the extra belt material hanging out well pass the knee.

The quirky look is pure Amélie Sauvé, whom in past LV collections has styled models with men's-inspired neck ties extending well below the waist and almost always pairs sporty sneakers with futuristic gowns and gilded skirts. But only time will tell if this belt look will catch on with the rest of us.

Photos courtesy of Louis Vuitton