The 2nd Annual Long Beach Pride Pet Parade

The 2nd Annual Long Beach Pride Pet Parade

Story & Photography by Adam Powell

It was the perfect day for a parade, temperature in the low 80s, blue skies and a pleasant westerly breeze coming from the ocean gave the air a salty finish. It was time for the Pride event of the year, the 2nd Annual Long Beach Pride Pet Parade.

Parents and the furry friends were decked out in Pride apparel. Rainbow ribbons, barrettes, leashes, colors, shirts (both the furry friends and parents), pride was alive on the boardwalk. The parade was dominated mainly by canines, but a big shout out to cats, rabbits, ferrets and the one rat that made its way down to the boardwalk.

This may have been one of the cutest Pride events this month.

As the sun beat down and the animals and their owners shuffled down the boardwalk, spirits were high, tails were wagging and cats looked on, indifferently. At the end of the boardwalk awaited an expert panel of five judges, looking for the best outfits and Pride spirit for both the pet and the owner. Among those who impressed the judges, were Malik and Drogo, a pair of hairless cats and Cinderelly, a Miniature Pinscher with Elton John-esque glasses and a matching headdress who came to steal the show and hearts.

While the animals were judged, and a number of prizes were distributed, there were no real "losers." Seeing the proud parents with their glammed up furry friends made me realize we were all winners.

Photography: Adam Powell


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