London Fashion Week Advises Attendees Not to Wear Fur

London Fashion Week Advises Attendees Not to Wear Fur

Did you already have the perfect faux fur coat to protect yourself from the perpetually cold and windy London streets during Fashion Week? Well, you may want to consider getting a backup coat real quickly. Attendees were sent an official email today from the London Fashion Council warning guests about planned anti-fur protests outside show venues and advised attendees to refrain from wearing any type of fur. Yes, even faux fur.

"We have been made aware that there might be fur protesters outside... on the afternoons of Friday, Saturday and Sunday of London Fashion Week," the notice reads. "We are managing the situation by working with the metropolitan police to ensure the demonstration is managed correctly and with limited impact. For this reason, we would advise you to avoid wearing any kind of fur, real or fake, on Friday, Saturday and Sunday."

While anti-fur advocates have a very valid reason for (peacefully) protesting, and organizers have understandable safety concerns for everyone involved, it's hard not to laugh at the irony at a Fashion Week staple on both the streets and the runway getting restricted for attendees, especially when it may very well show up on the runways again this season. Yet again, hell hath no fury like a particularly motivated anti-fur protestor.

Photo via BFA

h/t: Elle