Lizzo Is the Internet's Bid for Ursula

Lizzo Is the Internet's Bid for Ursula

On Friday, Varietybroke exclusive news that actor Melissa McCarthy is in talks to play Ursula the sea witch in an upcoming live-action remake of Disney's The Little Mermaid. But fans have got other ideas about who their ideal Ursula is, and Lizzo is one of the leading candidates in the Internet's campaign.

People vouching for the "Truth Hurts" rapper have resurfaced videos from November 2018, wherein she sings "Poor Unfortunate Souls." She also plays "Under the Sea" on her signature musical instrument, the flute.

Lizzo herself took to Twitter to react to the news of McCarthy's possible casting, and retweeted Variety with a tear-eyed emoji.

Other people want to see in the role of the iconic purple sea witch is Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt actor Titus Burgess, and drag queen Ginger Minj. Tweeters are pointing out the character's origin story, and how she was based on legendary drag star and actor Divine. Ginger Minj herself saw the news, and reacted with an Oprah meme, clearly showing that she's not here for McCarthy's possible casting.

The news from Variety indicates that the deal is not yet completed, and the talks about Ursula are still in their early stages. Hopefully Disney takes the Internet's demands into consideration, and perhaps even cast a drag queen in honor of Divine's inspiration and influence on the classic film character.

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