Lizzo Made a Bonus 'Juice' Video With All Your Favorite Drag Queens

Lizzo Made a Bonus 'Juice' Video With All Your Favorite Drag Queens

Happy Lizzo week! Here's a glorious sentence: on the heels of her #Asschella performance (where she and Janelle Monáe opened a portal to another dimension via twerking) and two days before her long-awaited debut album Cuz I Love You drops — Lizzo has generously shared a bonus video for "Juice," featuring a troupe of RuPaul's drag queens.

It's a colorful and extremely juicy, with the feel of a family affair (Lizzo stans the queens, and the queens stan Lizzo right back). While the original video was an '80s workout tape tribute, in this rendition Lizzo, A'keira Davenport, Asia O'Hara, Detox, Mariah Balenciaga, Morgan McMichaels, Silky Nutmeg Ganache, Soju, Sonique, and Mayhem Miller don sequins and sparkles, and sexually pleasure a number of different kinds of fruit, with the delight of teen girls trying out Comso tricks in their basement. Lizzo deep-throats a banana, and it ends up mush. O'Hara squirts grapefruit all over her face. It's BDSM for glucose, and the greatest sleepover in history!

Because Lizzo is a generous woman, she also gave us bloopers of the girls getting their glam on and playing with fruit.

Enjoy, and get ready for Cuz I Love You, coming this Friday.

Photo via YouTube