Listen To Purity Ring's New Track, "Asido"

Listen To Purity Ring's New Track, "Asido"

Dark, futuristic poppers Purity Ring have released a new song, "Asido," in celebration of the fifth anniversary of their smash debut, Shrines. What can you expect from "Asido" aside from the fact that it will definitely be featured in contemporary dance class warmups the world over in the weeks to come? In a statement, singer Megan James said of the song, "I imagine a tractor digging graves, I imagine crying blood, and I imagine eggs being swept away in it." If you want to imagine James wearing a Victorian style coif, holding a scythe as she said that, you can, because it's a good look for her...

The track, which was released along with a lyrics video, is described as "standalone" in its Youtube description, which probably means we shouldn't hold out hope for a new album in our immediate future. Enjoy all the spooky wonder of "Asido" below, s/o to this Youtube commenter...

Splash image via Twitter / Carson Davis Brown

[h/t Pitchfork]