Letitia Wright Criticized For Sharing an Anti-Vaxx Video

Letitia Wright Criticized For Sharing an Anti-Vaxx Video

Letitia Wright is under fire for sharing a controversial anti-vaxx video.

As we get closer to receiving an approved COVID-19 vaccine, the Black Panther star took to her Twitter on Thursday to repost an hour-long YouTube video from Christian ministry founder, Tomi Arayomi, about the issue.

According to reports, the video-in-question was filled with unsubstantiated claims about the vaccine, raised questions about whether people should get it once it is available, and also contained transphobic statements. And though both the original video and Wright's initial tweet have since been deleted, many people have continued to call out the actress for using her large platform in such an "irresponsible" manner — with some even going so far as to call for Black Panther 2 to recast her role.

However, Wright eventually began responding to a number of fans questioning her decision to share the video, writing that she was "just concerned about what's in [the vaccine]" and was thinking about whether her "body will react negatively or not."

Not only that, but amidst the barrage of criticism, Wright also ended up tweeting that, "If you don't conform to popular opinions, but ask questions and think for yourself....you get canceled."

Since then though, she has issued an apology via her Twitter, in which she insisted that her "intention was not to hurt anyone."

"My ONLY intention of posting the video was it raised my concerns with what the vaccine contains and what we are putting in our bodies," Wright said on Friday. "Nothing else."

Representatives for Wright and Marvel have yet to formally address the backlash. In the meantime though, you can see how people are responding to her tweets, below.

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