Lena Dunham Is Writing an 'Interactive' Romance Novel

Lena Dunham Is Writing an 'Interactive' Romance Novel

by Taylor Champlin

Lena Dunham is doing her part to keep us entertained. She announced today on Instagram that she's teaming up with Vogue to bring a new "interactive" novel, Verified Strangers to the quarantined masses. She published her first book Not That Kind of Girl, a memoir, in 2014.

In Dunham's words, "Right now, we should all be using our unique skills and passions to make this period of time feel a little less lonely. My humble dream is to uplift your spirits...and storytelling is the tool I know how to use."

She explained that Verified Strangers is "a fictionalized modern love story," and that she'll post "a chapter a day, Monday through Friday, for as long as it takes." You can read the first chapter here. It starts, "Somewhere between pasta and dessert, Ally decided she was done with dating," which should give you a sense of the tone. Every Tuesday and Friday on Vogue's Instagram story, readers take a poll to determine the course of the novel, chapter by chapter.

Dunham is also giving readers the opportunity to ask questions with the hashtag, #VerifiedStrangersOnVogue. She credits the Babysitters Club novels as well as Charles Dickens as her greatest serialized novel inspirations. An unexplored medium for her until now, Dunham shared her joy in being able to finally delve into the genre of romance which she describes as, "the pulpiest and most distracting fun you can have."

Next up is Chapter 2, so tune in and voice your opinion about what Ally, the protagonist, should do. "Should Ally go downtown with Hugo or keep her dinner plans with Caz and Meg in Venice Beach? Decisions, decisions. P.S. What do you think of Ally so far?" Dunham asks.

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