Livestream This: Landon Cider's Drag King Showcase
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Livestream This: Landon Cider's Drag King Showcase

Thanks to Ms. Rona, we're all trapped at home with nothing to do. Even Netflix is getting boring! But never fear. While they're technically out of work, our favorite entertainers are still out here bravely making virtual content in a scary new world. Going to the club or the theater is out of the question right now (self isolate! Ariana Grande says so) but here's PAPER's ongoing guide to the latest livestreams — featuring comedians, actors, musicians and more.

Who? The first drag king to ever win the Boulet Brothers' Dragula and America's current reigning Drag SuperMonster, Landon Cider is hosting "SOCIALLY DISTANT" a virtual showcase dedicated exclusively to drag kings. The stacked lineup features performers from around the world such as the UK's Adam All, Canada's Charli Deville, New Zealand's Hugo GRRRL, Germany's Ryan Stecken and Australia's Sexy Galexy in addition to a bevy of stateside talent including Andro Gin, Boris Tudeth, Earl Grey, Havok Von Doom, Ivory Onyx, Mystery Meat, Phantom, Tender Oni, Vex the Thing and New York's own Vigor Mortis.

When? Landon will be streaming the showcase on his Instagram Live, starting at 9:30 PM EST/ 6:30 PM PST Thursday, April 2.

Why Watch? The ongoing global pandemic has left the nightlife industry decimated, forcing those who make a living as performers to find digital alternatives. Historically, drag kings haven't enjoyed the same level of mainstream success as queens have in recent years making it all the more important to support them now in these uncertain times. As the winner of the latest season of the Boulet Brothers' Dragula, Landon Cider is quite possibly one of the most visible drag kings working today, so not only can you count on him to put on a killer show but you can also bet that the lineup he's curated is full of kings of the highest caliber.

Photo via Instagram