Lana Del Rey’s Dad Is Dropping an Album

Lana Del Rey’s Dad Is Dropping an Album

Music runs in the family and Lana Del Rey’s dad, Rob Grant, is getting into the business. The "accidental musician" will be dropping his debut album, Lost at Sea, this summer.

Grant posted to Instagram to confirm that his album would be dropping on June 9.

The parallels are plain to see between Grant’s Lost at Sea cover art and his daughter's Norman Fucking Rockwell yacht artwork. The father-daughter duo has always pulled inspiration from each other, as referenced by Del Rey in an Instagram post precursing Grant’s album announcement.

“This is either gonna be the beginning of something beautiful or take us all down… May the force be w all of us. I mean let’s get real – he’s always been the star,” Del Rey wrote.

The album will consist mostly of piano songs calling upon Grant’s memories of Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts while sailing his boat named Erewhon, presumably after the Samuel Butler novel and not the grocery store.

“The piano begins slowly and then builds as the sails fill with wind, and the boat begins to heal, leaning into the heavy Atlantic swells,” he wrote in a statement. “The piano carries you forward as the sloop gains speed, catching more wind, bound for the distant horizon.”

In a press release by his label, Decca Records, home to fellow instrumental eccentrics like Max Richter and Jeff Goldblum, Grant is described as “an accidental recording artist” who has “never had a lesson on any instrument in his life.” The record will feature production from longtime Lana Del Rey collaborator, Jack Antonoff.

But if it's anything like Del Rey, he could sneeze and create a masterpiece.

We’ve known Del Rey was a Daddy’s girl since the leak of her unreleased song “Be My Daddy,” also known as “Daddy’s Girl” and “Pussycat Kitten.” Lost at Sea will feature two songs, “Lost at Sea” and “Hollywood Bowl” with father-daughter vocals. The album is a true family affair, with Del Rey’s sister behind the lens for the album art, as seen in Grant’s TikTok announcing the album.

Fans are thirsty for new music (and the musician). Ke$ha’s mom in particular wants to get in on the action, retweeting Grant’s album announcement to ask if the Del Rey DILF is single.

Ke$ha is ready to be her mom’s wingwoman, posting an Instagram story inviting Grant over for Christmas for what would be the joining of pop royalty.

Grant hasn’t disclosed his marital status but you can listen to the album's first single, a meditative piano instrumental, below.

Photo courtesy of Chandler Allen