Mary Magdalene Meme Sparks Lady Gaga Lookalike Comparisons

Mary Magdalene Meme Sparks Lady Gaga Lookalike Comparisons

by Payton Dunn

We’ve always known Lady Gaga’s a queen, but we didn’t know she was a proper saint too.

Twitter is going wild over an image that claims to be an AI recreation of Mary Magdalene, one of Jesus’ devoted followers, with fans ecstatic about the fact that the Biblical figure looks eerily similar to Gaga.

At least, that’s if you trust someone going by the name "FUTURE DILF."

The image is, sadly, not actually a recreation of Mary Magdalene.

Actually, this meme has been making its rounds since 2019 as part of a wider meme trend where users compare a celebrity to an "AI generated image of Cleopatra," not Mary Magdalene.

Obviously, it’s risky to trust someone with the name FUTURE DILF, and when users confronted him with the fact that an AI generated image of Mary Magdalene is scientifically impossible, he had only one thing to say: "Trust me, I’m an expert."

Regardless, we’re all here for the internet’s chaotic antics.

It’s only fitting that a singer with that big of an impact on culture be compared to the Biblical figure that helped to spark the world’s biggest religion. But then again, Gaga could've easily walked with Jesus, but Mary Magdalene could never make Chromatica.

Photo via BFA

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