Lady Gaga's 'I Switched Baristas' Is Our New Favorite Excuse
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Lady Gaga's 'I Switched Baristas' Is Our New Favorite Excuse

Lady Gaga has apparently switched up her morning coffee routine, where she used to see Caitlyn Jenner.

The House of Guccistar and former Olympian ran into each other on the red carpet of Elton John's Academy Awards viewing party Sunday where Jenner noted that she hadn't seen much of Gaga as of late. "Are you spending time around Malibu anymore?” Jenner can be seen remarking in a clip of the exchange (captured by Journalist Bahman Kalbasi).

Gaga is quick to nod and confirm that she does still in fact reside in the area, leading Jenner to press the topic further. “I haven’t seen you at the Starbucks in a while!”Jenner exclaims to a now visibly uncomfortable Gaga who in turn stammers out that now iconic "I’ve... switched baristas," before quickly moving on from the conversation.

The excuse of "I've switched baristas" is somehow both a succinct and unconventionally iconic burn in its own right. (If Gaga told me she switched her preferred coffee shop just to avoid interacting with me I would probably just give up caffeine entirely at that point.)

However, if Jenner was put off at all by the conversation she didn't let on. The very next day, Jenner tweeted out praise for Gaga's support of Liza Minelli as they presented the 2022 Best Picture Oscar, calling her "an absolute class act" and gushing that "this moment truly brought tears to my eyes" (which would have been rather sweet if it wasn't undercut by the fact that Jenner tagged a parody account instead of the actual Broadway legend).

Maybe Jenner did buy Gaga's barista excuse after all.

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