Why Is Everyone Talking About Kylie Jenner's Shower?
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Why Is Everyone Talking About Kylie Jenner's Shower?

Another day, another Kardashian fail that's gotten the internet talking. However, this time it's not a photo-editing mishap. Rather, it's Kylie Jenner's shower.

This past weekend, the star took to her Instagram Stories to show off her $36 million Los Angeles mansion, including her luxurious pink marble bathroom. But instead of seeing it as a flex, most people online were less than impressed with the relatively small shower head and its "pathetic" water pressure. And needless to say, it didn't take long for the roasting to start.

"Kylie has so much money and her water pressure looks like this," one person wrote next to a photo of the running shower head, before a second commenter asked for "someone get that gal a plumber pronto."

Meanwhile, another viral tweet side-eyed Jenner's water pressure with a note about the mansion's price tag, while a respondent jokingly compared it to a DIY water bottle shower head.

Mostly though, people seemed to take pleasure in the fact that they had a better shower set-up, with several tweets talking about how their "flex of the day" was having better water pressure than the multimillionaire.

Granted, Jenner herself eventually addressed the buzz surrounding her supposed plumbing issue via Instagram on Wednesday, January 20.

"I think it's an amazing shower. I have no problems with it, but everyone seems to find my water pressure very concerning," Jenner said before showing everyone the hi-tech temperature controls and placing her hand under the steady stream.

"This is my water pressure, it's amazing," she continued. "Thanks everyone for your concern."

Either way though, you can still see what else people were saying about her shower, below.

This story has been updated with Kylie Jenner's response.

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