Kyle Dion and Kari Faux Love a Little Drama in 'Purr'

Kyle Dion and Kari Faux Love a Little Drama in 'Purr'

The video for Kyle Dion's Kari Faux-assisted "Purr" starts where his 2019 album, SUGA, left off, as the character from that project is launched into an uncharted world and "begins this journey as a new character." Once Kari bursts into Kyle's hotel room with a bazooka, he escapes through an ambitious set of scenes — 11 total in the clip — to mark a fresh era for the rising star.

Kyle crash lands in a twisted, alternate universe that looks like your average suburban town with a few surprises to underscore the notion that drama can, perhaps, lead to more exciting sexual relationships. In one setup, Kyle dodges a girl — Matrix-style — throwing dishes at him in the kitchen and, in another, his date transforms into a bloodthirsty zombie.

"Pillowtalk, need a pillow fight/ Something wrong if you don't bite," Kyle jokes, before the two join forces on its hook: "I need my bitch to yell, go at me, purr/ Need a girlie who loves to get on my nerves." Kari later goes in on a hilarious outro, saying "You want a bitch to go inside your motherfuckin' head/ Well, you know what? You know you got the right one."

Kyle's first single of the year, "Purr" is a silky R&B cut that puts his signature falsetto alongside Kari's own smooth vocal stylings. Featuring production from Chris Hartz and Aaron Bortz, it pushes Kyle in a brighter pop direction than we've seen from him in the past with a "no rules" approach to his next project.

"Purr" also sees Kyle experimenting more, tapping into a different side of himself through rap. "I was nervous to rap for the first time," he says. "I'm a vocalist and I kept overthinking." After letting go of those anxieties though, Kyle managed to focus in on a more playful, lighthearted sound that prioritizes our return to dance floors this summer.

Watch the PAPER premiere of "Purr" by Kyle Dion and Kari Faux and stream their single, below.

Photo courtesy of Kyle Dion