Kourtney Kardashian Called Out For 'Sustainable' Fast Fashion Line

Kourtney Kardashian Called Out For 'Sustainable' Fast Fashion Line

Kourtney Kardashian is coming under fire for her new partnership with Boohoo.

In what's being called an "embarrassing" attempt at socially conscious marketing, WWD reported that the UK-based fast fashion brand had partnered up with the reality TV star to create a 45-piece collection of "sustainable" garments, which will make their debut at New York Fashion Week on September 13. For obvious reasons though, the announcement has been met with more condemnation than excitement, with many wondering if this was a "joke" and criticizing Kourtney for accepting the title of Boohoo's "sustainability ambassador," especially when it's been accused of being one of the most wasteful and ecologically irresponsible retailers out there.

After all, as Instagram fashion watchdog Diet Prada pointed out, the company was "named one of the least sustainable fashion brands by the UK Parliament's Environmental Audit Committee in 2019, and was found to be paying Leicester garment workers [around $4] an hour the following year" by The Sunday Timesan allegation that Boohoo previously claimed to have no knowledge of.

So naturally, the news has since garnered plenty of accusations of worker exploitation and "greenwashing," which is a term that refers to the insidious PR practice of misleading consumers into thinking their purchases are eco-friendly and sustainability-minded. Not only that, but there's also been criticism of Kourtney's alleged environmental impact as someone with multiple family members who've come under scrutiny for their wasteful private jet usage and violation of water conservation measures, as well as past reports about severely underpaying sweatshop workers to produce their own clothing lines.

As of press time, Kourtney hasn't responded to the backlash. However, it is worth noting that she told WWD that despite being initially "concerned about the effects of the fast-fashion industry on our planet," Boohoo convinced her to sign on by responding with "excitement and a desire to incorporate sustainable practices into our line."

"It’s been an enlightening experience speaking directly with industry experts," as the star went on to say in reference to the four-part investigative series she's also producing with Boohoo as part of her ambassadorship. "I’m grateful for the opportunity to use my platform to drive conversations that lead to ongoing change and use my voice to share actionable tips with consumers on how we can play our own part."

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