Kool A.D. Forecasts Your February Horoscopes

Kool A.D. Forecasts Your February Horoscopes

By Kool A.D.

Trouble with love? Work problems? Mercury retrograde? Don't worry. Rapper, author and expert astrological navigator, Kool A.D. will safely guide you through the coming month.


Continue to destroy police property, government property, corporate property, resist, slow, stop, boycott, gerrymander, filibuster, bullshit, strike, do what in any the fuck ever to fuckin do the shit, go the fuck in, go all the way the fuck in. Don't pay ur taxes, punch a Nazi Bro, any means possible by all means and ways.


Get a gun or two, perform a Bertoldt Brecht play in grayface. Let urself be photographed and always punch back if punched. Get a tattoo. Get a fake I.D. or 2. That's some immigrant shit u ain een hurda. Freestyle ur next jazz concert. Direct the next Breathless, blacker tho.


Simple, elegant, modern, truly advanced jewelry. The beads pray holy, the strings swim waters, the metals all made with the fire, the cold nite sky, nothing is realer than reality, listen to it.


Do ur thing as always, just keep rereading Elenda Ferrante on loop. Listen to some Bob Dylan. Listen to Lightning Hopkins, Howlin Wolf. Soak some game from an Aquarius.


Leak some game to a Taurus. Listen to Lightning Hopkins, Howlin Wolf, Muddy Waters, B.B. King, sure a lil Bob Dylan too. Thinking about yoga is kind of like doing yoga, right? Get high, take a long walk. Drink a nice cold, clean glass of water.


Speak in a British accent all month, see what happens. Solve a Rubik's cube. Challenge the next person u see to a game of chess. Smoke a cigarette, look at the moon, think about poetry, haha.


The most abstract, geographical, architectural, archeographical wild, style hard pon allayal nah linguistical oui si yal N ya don't stop. Drive to a beach, get drunk.


Watch Sky Ladder, that documentary on Cai Guo-Qiang then watch the new Music Video by KOOL A.D. (Coming soon, jaja) THE song song: called: ALABASTER SAMOVARS on the BEAUTIFUL KOOL A.D. ALBUM: SKY LADDER on the PEACE electric, seek and u shall come pon it. Vision 2 tha muzic.


Have a margarita. It's ur birthday for the next quarter. Go swimming at a beach. Appreciate where the land meets the waters, the sun, the sky, sit back grow powerful. Navigate indelibly. Listen to a jazz song. Um, "There Will Never Be Another You" again? Sure hoozat, Bud Powell, sure whatever u want, any single jazz song in the jazz genre. Hang out. Take a boat trip maybe iono.


Go drink at a bar. U know why they call it "pass the bar" when u become a lawyer, because u pass the bar and hit the libary or wherever haha, that's an old joke. Um, hit up that Isabelle Allende one mo gain feel like there's more to crack on that 1.


UR A STAR, A SUPERSTAR EVEN haha naw iono what u want me to say, u be doin ur thing keep doin that, what could I tell u, how bout u tell me some shit for a change, haha. Naw just playin. Keep doin ya thing player.


Front me 10 pounds of OG kush I got u in a week pana. Listen to Johnny Hartman again, I don't know. Read Ulysses.