Kim Kardashian Posed Naked With Cherry Blossoms

Kim Kardashian Posed Naked With Cherry Blossoms

By Avery Matera

To promote her new beauty release, Kim Kardashian has dressed as an actual cherry blossom tree. That is, if you consider the sparse vine of pink flowers that wrap around her body to make it ever-so-slightly Instagram approved. Kardashian, whose center-parted hair nearly reaches the floor as she kneels in the frame, wrote with her Instagram post, "My new Cherry Blossom Collection is almost here and is inspired by my love for the pretty pink-colored trees," adding, "Chi's baby shower was cherry blossom themed!"

With the reveal, Kardashian shares that the collection will include a 10-pan eyeshadow palette, three blush colors, eight separate lipstick shades, and three additional lip liners, all "in shades of pretty pinks and berries." While there's no actual teaser images of the products themselves, the reality star sure has a history of promoting her upcoming products with artistic nudes, including the fact that her latest fragrance is actually sold in a bottle that's shaped like her naked torso. What's more, there's no release date for the collection yet revealed, which guarantees at least a few more promotional photos from this Kim Kardashian series will be filling our Instagram feeds until the final drop.

With cherry blossom season generally falling at the beginning of Spring, Kardashian might just have found a way to make them bloom all year round.

Photo via Instagram