Kim Kardashian Wants a Copy of This Masters Thesis

Kim Kardashian Wants a Copy of This Masters Thesis

It looks like Kim Kardashian West has found a place in the academe, thanks to recent Northern Arizona University masters graduate Corderro McMurry. McMurry wrote his Communication and Media Studies masters thesis on none other than KKW herself, and he decided to share the happy news of his graduation in a tweet.

He tweeted a photo of himself at his thesis presentation, and captioned, "After taking an extra year, 68 pages, long nights & early mornings, I finally graduated with my Master's degree! #KUWTK #Kimkthesis." He continued, "@KimKardashian YOOO I have to get you a copy. The thesis focuses on you Y'all help me out."

Of course, with the power of Twitter and the Internet, his wish came true. Kim retweeted and replied, "Congrats!!!! Can I get a copy?" And now, a manuscript is probably en route to her doorstep.

And as user @anna_cg07 points out, we're all curious, and "I think we ALL want a copy." Good news is, McMurry is working on it right now. And soon, we'll all soon have access to copies, and read all about the media phenomenon that is Kim Kardashian West. It's definitely going to be an interesting read.

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