Fall in Love With Kid Bloom

Fall in Love With Kid Bloom

by Kenna McCafferty

If you haven’t found your Valentine yet, look no further: Kid Bloom, the moniker of LA native Lennon Kloser, is sharing his latest heartfelt single, "I Fell in Love Again," alongside a desert-ride music video — and we’re in love, too.

The song is a standout from the singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist, as he takes the reigns of his solo career, coming off collaborations with artists like Maroon 5, H.E.R. and Jesse Rutherford.

Now, using his own words and music, Kloser is glad to share himself with the world. "As far as the writing is concerned,” Kid Bloom shared with PAPER, “I’ve connected more than I ever have and I am having more fun than ever producing. Being able to play this song live on the tour has only helped me connect with it more and the emotion I put into it."

Connection is key since the single, out now, is all about "falling in love with yourself and the happiness that comes along with it," according to the indie-pop artist.

The video echoes this sentiment, following Kloser on a solo journey down desert roads on a moped without another soul in sight. Though anyone would love to sit backseat and catch a face-full of Kid Bloom’s trademark curls, this song is about self-discovery.

“Riding alone in the desert is a metaphor for being alone with my thoughts,” Kloser shared.

In the video, Kloser gets lost, takes detours and seems to be going nowhere fast. But wherever the road may go, Kid Bloom is behind the handlebars and “I Fell in Love Again” is blasting from the speakers strapped to the back of his bike.

Ahead of his national tour supporting Bad Suns, this release is a perfect illustration of this point in his career. With the success of 2019's Lemonhead EP behind him and a road of possibility ahead, Kid Bloom is searching for a space for himself, all while loving the ride.

Photo courtesy of Nikoli Partyeli