This Teen's Flawless Graduation Photo Just Went Viral

This Teen's Flawless Graduation Photo Just Went Viral

Kevin Kodra knows that a picture is worth a thousand words. The makeup artist's high school graduation picture recently went viral for what he describes as his, "glamorous, bronzy… very red-carpet" look. The picture got thousands of likes overnight. Kodra told CBC, "When I woke up the next morning ... with 18,000 likes on my photo, it was different, to say the least." It currently has over 21,000 likes and 1,270 comments on Instagram.

The 18-year-old high school student from Toronto, Canada, posted a picture of his yearbook photo on Instagram in honor of his 18th birthday. He wrote a heartfelt, yearbook-worthy caption thanking his friends and family for making the last year special, saying, "17 was a wild year. I made memories that I'll never forget. Thank you to everyone who was by my side every single day. From friends to family and even you guys, from the bottom of my heart, thank you."

It's no wonder that the photo was an overnight sensation — Kodra truly does look amazing. His contour is flawless, his lashes are a mile long, his lipstick is perfectly matte, and his eye brows are arched to perfection. His Instagram is full of other looks marked by bold red lips, multicolored eyeshadow, and dewey skin.

At 17 I was literally scared to try a cat eye, but nbd! Here for Kodra living his best life!!