Kendall Jenner Called Out for Bodyguard Holding Her Umbrella

Kendall Jenner Called Out for Bodyguard Holding Her Umbrella

It seems like the Kardashian-Jenner clan can't catch a break. Kendall Jenner was recently spotted by paparazzi in Beverly Hills on a rainy day, and now the model is sparking a heated discussion about privilege.

In the shots of her in a blue hoodie and leggings, Jenner is followed closely by a bodyguard who escorted her into her car while holding her umbrella. The photos have since gone viral with many people dubbing her as "out of touch."

"I would be shamed because like .. why should anyone hold my umbrella??? I would hold it by myself and invite the man to hide there too," one Reddit user wrote. "But I guess they live in another dimension soooo not suprised by this behavior."

Another user wrote, "It’s stuff like this that makes me feel disgusted by her."

And one user pointed out that the incident should have been avoided. "With how calculated every move they make is, it always surprises me when something like this happens," they wrote. "You can hide pregnancies and scandals but you can’t take two seconds to think about how something like this looks to people?"

However, there are also some people who have come to Jenner's defense, arguing that it was her security's job and he was aware of his duties.

"Y'all so damn soft," Netflix's The Circle Season 3 winner James Andre Jefferson Jr. said in a video. "That man is getting paid. If he don't give a damn, why do you give a damn?"

This is far from the first time Jenner has been criticized for her privilege. In a viral Keeping Up With The Kardashians clip, the model went to make herself a snack and couldn't figure out how to properly hold and cut a cucumber, much to Kris Jenner's dismay.

On the bright side, it doesn't seem that Jenner or her bodyguard had that long of a walk. However, we'd advise against UGGs for future rainy excursions.

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