Kendall Jenner Sparks Animal Cruelty Debate Over Dog Collar

Kendall Jenner Sparks Animal Cruelty Debate Over Dog Collar

Kendall Jenner has sparked a fierce online debate about animal cruelty after her dog Pyro was seen wearing what appears to be a "prong collar."

The Sun reports that photos of Jenner walking the Doberman has incurred the ire of animal advocates, who argued that the collar is "cruel" and a form of animal abuse.

Not only that, but as the publication also pointed out, animal rights organizations claim that the negative reinforcement collars risk "injury, pain and suffering," with PETA even recommending that prong collars "never" be used as they are "designed to punish dogs for pulling by inflicting pain and discomfort."

Needless to say, the photos sparked immediate backlash, with some saying Pyro should be taken away from Jenner and accusing her of being a bad owner.

"Kendall Jenner is just gross. Cutting your dogs tail, sticking rods in its ears, training it with devices that cause pain," as one user wrote. "All so she can get a cool pic for her Instagram, not to mention she's had about 5 different dogs. Whatever looks aesthetically good with her feed. Gross."

Granted, Jenner also had her fair share of supporters who alleged that the collars don't actually harm dogs and that they just apply "a little pressure to help discipline them."

"If it hurt them they would cry and whine. and that dog don't look like it's hurting to me," as another person wrote. "I thought the same thing myself until we got one and I tried it myself to make sure it doesn't hurt them."

That said, others also responded by saying that Jenner is using the collar improperly, as the collars need to be placed so that "they're not right up on the trachea."

Jenner has yet to respond to the backlash.

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