Justin Bieber Is the Activewear Hero We Need

Justin Bieber Is the Activewear Hero We Need

If there's anyone who's been having a lot of fun recently, it's Justin Bieber. He LOVED Easter, he finished his torso tattoo, he discovered his alter-ego Tony Bieber, he even may or may not be training for some sort of marathon, but it's his commitment to completely impractical exercise apparel that we should all be particularly proud of and inspired by.

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Why? Because over the weekend, Bieber went on a hike. He lives in LA, it was inevitable, but what was especially unpredictable was his choice of attire. Namely, one sneaker only (the other he carried) and a sombrero.

Here we have Justin with both shoes, plus a sombrero.

As for when he goes sans shoe, look at him go — one in hand.

Maybe he's planning to sell it.

Maybe he wants revenge.

Or maybe he truly is the style icon we should believe in. Screw your athleisure, it's all about workout wear that you can only work out in with extreme difficulty.

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