Joyce Wrice Reimagines the 'Proud Family' Theme Song

Joyce Wrice Reimagines the 'Proud Family' Theme Song

The original theme song for The Proud Family became as iconic as the cartoon itself. Performed by Solange and Destiny’s Child, the catchy tune made the Disney show's opening credits something worth listening to, rather than skip over.

The sequel series, The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder, launches soon, so it’s only right that there’s another iconic track for the next generation to jam out to. Disney has announced that acclaimed musician Joyce Wrice was tapped for this go-around, and in a recently released "featurette," we're told a bit more about what to expect from the latest iteration.

The two-minute trailer includes snippets of the hip-hop-influenced song that's sure to be just as bouncy as the original, but series songwriter-slash-composer Kurt Farquhar shares what makes this version different than its predecessor: “We wanted to reimagine it,” he said. “We wanted to make a person that grew up with it feel like that’s still their song but at the same time, we wanted to feel like it’s been brought into a new time.”

Wrice appears later, explaining her own history with the show — and its catchy intro: “I was a fan of it growing up and the theme song is just so iconic, it’s timeless, it is classic, Destiny's Child and Solange sang it so well,” she said. “I couldn't stop singing it; I know it so well. For me to be kind of, like, be able to take the baton and do it, it’s amazing.”

“The theme song is very similar to the original, [but] the production, the beat is different. Just want to put a little bit of my own twist to it, and pay my dues and respect to Destiny's Child and everyone on the original,” she continued.

You’ll be able to hear the song in full when The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder premieres on Disney+ on February 23.