What's Going on With Anna Marie Tendler's Latest Instagram?

What's Going on With Anna Marie Tendler's Latest Instagram?

by Myka Greene

Anna Marie Tendler has posted another cryptic photograph on her Instagram account, continuing the artist’s masterful shade towards her ex-husband.

Over the past year, the artist has released a series of artworks entitled “Rooms in the First House” on her personal Instagram that is suspected to be about her divorce from comedian John Mulaney, and it seems she has added to the canon. In an image showing the artist injecting herself in the waist with a syringe, Tendler captioned it “Eggs, Over Easy.” It is presumed to be showing Anna in the early stages of freezing her eggs. The conversation of children has publicly surrounded the artist in recent months, with Mulaney announcing the birth of his son with girlfriend Olivia Munn.

In response to the inquiries related to her post, Tendler made an IG story leaving an even more intentionally vague answer. “I would like to clear up a common misnomer about my work – This is not a photo diary, I am never commenting on any one thing, I am rarely posting photos chronologically. I am a fine artist. These are stand alone works that speak to the female experience at large.” Tendler, a master of perfectly timed social media art, may be responding to her ex-husband’s Saturday Night Live appearance which aired this past weekend. During his monologue, Mulaney admitted to dating Munn within a week of leaving rehab (we love mess).

Tendler has provided commentary on every major news related to Mulaney and Munn’s relationship, from posting fitting Lana Del Rey lyrics indirectly calling Mulaney a “man-child” to her iconic self portrait as Anne Boyelon, the third wife of King Henry VIII, shortly after it was announced that Olivia Munn was pregnant with Mulaney's son. (The historical figure was famously killed by her then-ex-husband because she was unable to birth a son.) Whether or not she purposefully decided to post this latest work in her series a couple days after Mulaney’s SNL episode, Tendler has made it clear that her work is not necessarily in response to specific personal experiences, continuing: “My life has been filled with a million experiences that are mined to create a body of work that is about something bigger than me.”

The past two years have been an emotional rollercoaster for those invested in the Tendler-Mulaney saga. It was first reported that Mulaney entered rehab for his drug and alcohol abuse at the end of 2020, and was followed by a public separation between the two. Within the same week of their divorce announcement, Mulaney and Olivia Munn began dating (making many fans do mental gymnastics to figure out the timeline of their relationship). With fans of both the artist and comedian taking to Twitter trying to defend either of them, many feel like children of divorced parents. Whether you are “team Anna” or “team John," you have to admit that Tendler knows how to keep her followers fed.

Photo via Getty/ Rachel Murray