John Legend Sings Wine Drunk at Universal Studios

John Legend Sings Wine Drunk at Universal Studios

Theme parks are always a good time, especially for adults who like to take things to another level with some booze. It looks like John Legend had a very good time during his Horror Nights visit at Universal Studios. The singer was spotted singing "All of Me" drunkenly in a hilarious red onesie with his face on it, and it was all caught on-camera.

Chrissy Teigen posted a video on her Twitter, captioned, "John got wine drunk and sang a song at universal studios last night." This definitely was an unexpected performance, as Teigen explained, "the whole joke was supposed to be that literally no one was watching or at the stage but then he got on stage and was like ITS ME JOHN LEGEND."

Legend doesn't seem to have any regrets, reposting the video on his Instagram and even giving a little background story regarding his outfit of choice. "We went to @unistudios last night to do Horror Nights before they shut it down. Costume theme was onesies. We bought a few new ones and raided the closet too and found the perfect one for me to wear," he wrote. "Someone made Chrissy a onesie with my face on it and of course I had to wear it. Then I found a reluctant DJ with a mic and serenaded myself. It was a night."

It was definitely a night, and we're glad to witness drunk John Legend, even if it's just through these videos.

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