Jimmy Choo Wants to Bring Your Fantasy Shoe Sketch to Life

Jimmy Choo Wants to Bring Your Fantasy Shoe Sketch to Life

Time to brush up on your illustration chops. Thanks to Jimmy Choo, your next shoe sketch could have the opportunity be brought to life, produced and sold in an upcoming collection.

The brand is inviting fans to sketch and submit their "ultimate fantasy" shoe, which Creative Director Sandra Choi will narrow down to 10 before Instagram users vote on the five that will be designed for an exclusive capsule. (All proceeds of these styles will be donated to a charity within the Jimmy Choo Foundation.)

To keep the inspiration going, Choi will post a new sketch on Instagram with a different theme centered on optimism. "I wanted to share my love of sketching with the Jimmy Choo community in the hope it will provide a moment of escape whilst we are all united by the challenges we are currently facing together." she said in a statement.

"To put an idea together on paper is second nature to me," she continued. "Sketching is part of my creative process as I sort through multiple ideas but more than that it can also act as a form of escape for me. It helps to soothe, calm and focus my head."

The five finalists will receive a pair of their own, while a selection of favorite sketches will be shared on Jimmy Choo's Instagram stories throughout the next couple of week. You have until May 15 to submit your sketch, and winners will be announced on Monday, 8th June.

Click here to learn more on how to enter. Good luck!

Photos courtesy of Jimmy Choo


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