Jhayco Gets Down and Dirty With New Single 'Cuerpecito'

Jhayco Gets Down and Dirty With New Single 'Cuerpecito'

Regardless of what language you speak or what genres you love, the intrinsic rhythms of Caribbean music could make even the most hesitant of people get up and move. For Jhayco, the anthem-building larger-than-life figure in reggaeton, those thumps and bumps set the stage for his meditations on life's pleasures.

Two years after his smash-hit record Timelezz, Jhayco is ready to step forward with a fresh new face and a new name. Not a stranger to the edgy and raw, the Puerto Rican singer and rapper is part of the dominating class of Latin trap and reggaeton musicians breaking boundaries far beyond language and location. Boasting collaborations with the likes of Bad Bunny, Anuel AA, Karol G, J Balvin and many more, the 29-year-old artist is on a never-ending hot streak.

"Vida Rockstar signifies to me a new beginning, a new creative style," Jhayco explains. "This project is based on a fusion of what is generally known as the 'Rockstar Style' which encompasses darkness, grunge, distressed surfaces, rough but luxurious textures with a psychedelic twist, vibrant colors and a feeling of joy and happiness."

Today, Jhayco premieres the sexy new single, "Cuerpecito," a body-thumping ode to the beauty and euphoria of good sex that makes you question how someone could be so perfect. Familiar Latin trap rhythms mesh with subtle electronic tinges, a staple of the star's sound.

The accompanying video, which finds Jhayco commandeering futuristic devices, riding a motorcycle through a futuristic tunnel and making abstract paintings, also pays homage to the star's love for fashion throughout history as he dons looks by designers and brands such as Stussy, Givenchy, AP Milan, Ernest Baker, Coucoubébé 75018, Marine Serre and Wales Bonner.

As for the roles of painter and artist he embodied in the video, the singer explains, "I so much enjoy creating that art that it's motivated me to begin collecting paintings/artwork from up and coming artists and lithographs/prints from Masters." For Jhayco, he's well on his way to being a master of his craft alongside his genre's legends.

Below, watch the exclusive PAPER premiere of "Cuerpecito" by Jhayco.

Photo courtesy of Kristopher Muñiz