Jeffree Star's Mystery 'NFL Boo' Is Actually This Podcaster

Jeffree Star's Mystery 'NFL Boo' Is Actually This Podcaster

by Joan Summers

After much pomp and circumstance — turns out Jeffree Star's "NFL Boo" is just some guy with a podcast.

Over the weekend, Star revealed the much-hyped mystery man in a TikTok video: veteran offensive lineman Taylor Lewan, who plays for the Tennessee Titans and currently co-hosts the Barstool Sports podcast Bussin' With the Boys. Shortly after the reveal, Star confirmed he'd make an appearance on the podcast, although what he possibly has to talk about with Lewan or his co-host Will Compton remains to be seen.

The lackluster reveal comes after weeks of speculation on the identity of Star's so-called "NFL Boo." A January 27 tweet from Star is the source of the rumors, which vaguely declared: "Goodbye LA, time to spend time with my #NFL boo in Wyoming." Predictably, it inflamed the internet, and led to heated discourse about a supposedly closeted NFL player shacking up at Star's Wyoming ranch.

A few days later, Star posted a second photo with the man on Instagram, saying his "team didn't make it to the Super Bowl but he's 6'6 and plays perfect in the bedroom."

This apparently enraged certain NFL wives, who then jumped into the fray. Saryn Anderson, wife of Carolina Panthers defensive end Henry Anderson, messaged Star on Instagram to declare she was "getting harassed bc my husband is in the NFL and PPL think it’s him. Please stop." On Instagram stories, Star posted a screenshot of the message and told Anderson, "Don’t be so insecure... I don't mess with married men."

Unsurprisingly, at least four other NFL wives have also denied their husbands have anything to do with the rumor.

In recent years, Star has otherwise avoided the controversy which sticks to him like glue, instead content to roam around his Wyoming yak ranch, where he continues to shill makeup and meat.

Photo via Getty/ Axelle/Bauer-Griffin