Janet Jackson's Life Is on Full Display in Doc Trailer

Janet Jackson's Life Is on Full Display in Doc Trailer

In a few weeks, a new documentary on 55-year-old Janet Jackson will arrive that shares her full story. For a while, the world didn’t know how far the film would dig, but now a new trailer has been released and shows that it’s going to go deeper than ever before.

Having been filmed over the course of five years, JANET JACKSON is set to be an authentic, comprehensive look at it all. The tone is set in the three-minute trailer once she reveals that the doc is “just something that needs to be done,” when her family and friends admit that they were shocked she agreed to film it.

The two-night, four-hour film captures snapshots of Janet’s thoughts about everything she’s been through. At one point, as she’s looking back on childhood fame and her relationship with father, Joe, she admits, “There were times I didn’t understand where I fit in. My father was very strict, he was in charge of my life.”

In another moment, Janet talks about the child abuse allegations that her brother, Michael Jackson, dealt with in his career. She’s asked if the controversy impacted her, and the singer says that she was “guilty by association."

Beyond covering her past romances and “Nipplegate” after the 2004 Super Bowl stunt involving Justin Timberlake, there are multiple celebrities like Mariah Carey and Samuel L. Jackson that appear to offer commentary and perspective on Janet's career, as both fans and friends.

If this trailer suggests anything, it’s that there will be no stone left unturned in Janet’s story.

JANET JACKSON is set to arrive on January 31 via Sky Documentaries.

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